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MyPhotos - CycleVision 2003

CycleVision is over. Two days all recumbent you could wish, I am getting to understand Hans much better. As shop owner he is able to use a lot of different bikes. Ranging from Scooterbike to M5 Shock proof I tried everything. The Nazca Fiero bocomes my favorite but after trying some other bikes I am getting to like the Nazca Explorer, this is also a really nice bike. But when I end up on the Challenge Mistral I must admit that this is also a real nice bike.
Different is the Optima Baron a racing bike without compromise. It takes some time to get used to the upper seat steering, steering takes place by moving the steering bar sidewaus while below seat steering works like on a regular bike.
Still the Fiero is my favorite, without any problems the bike goes real smooth through any corner and it is going faster than I had imagined.

With a lot to do these two days I almost forgot to take some photos but still some photos managed their way onto the web.

Sunday was crowded but for the new FlevoBike Versatile I made some time. A wonderfull design with a lot of luxury, I only missed the air conditioner ...


Click on the small pictures to get a ful size photo (all photo's are around 26 kByte).